Not exactly like landing on the moon

Well, I've been waiting for this, for quite some time. I've saved this image to my desktop long ago at a time when my new website a hopeful vision. Now that it's come to fruition I'm very pleased with the ease that technology has provided...that and a lot of grunt work. I've proofed all of the text umpteen times and I'm sure there are typos. Striving for any type of perfection is a burden worthy of Sisyphus...that boulder sure is heavy. You just have to come to terms with it and jump in. I suppose that's what running your own business is about too. I've just been accepted into the online, hand-made, site called Artful Home. In conjunction with the tedium of typo fear, I've been inputting images, descriptions and many details there too. This is new for me, I'm used to selling my work in person. The Artful Home site allows me to sell the same type of piece, which is something I fear since I've never worried about getting the same stones. For me, it's always been, whatever strikes my fancy. Again, I just have to jump in and give it a try-getting orders and spending more time in my studio, bathed in natural light, is a good situation. Aside from my website and Artful home I'm also gathering images and text to apply to a publication. Along with that, Berkeley Artisans Open Studios is coming up and I'll need a new postcard for mailing-yes, I still believe in snail mail. 

The open studios event starts after Thanksgiving, which means giving my studio the twice over; first with a broom in order to find those stones and small pieces of gold that I dropped sometime since the last time i swept, and then, with the big Shop Vac, that I fear will open, spreading it's contents all over the floor and causing a dust eruption. Then I set out my cases which are used for craft shows throughout the year, allowing me to spread out and make a nice display. And every year I bake's how I spend my Friday nights in December. Cookies worth the calories. Once open studios rolls around, there are still many other balls in the air; applying to next season's craft shows, firming up workshop dates, applying to gallery exhibitions or whatever else is presented. An endless process, always in motion. And now, my brand new website with a shop, blog and lots to do while you're visiting the site. I know, I's not exactly like landing on the moon!